Website Design & Email Marketing

I have over 10 years of experience designing and building attractive, accesible websites for clients all over the world. I use Wordpress and ExpressionEngine for all of my projects and write semantic, standard-compliant code. Have a look at my portfolio or contact me.

I also offer clients email marketing—newsletter design and coding along with a powerful tool called ContactManager which allows management and indepth reporting for each campaign. Contact me to learn more about ContactManager.

The Typical Design Process Depending on the size, type and budget of a project, these are the steps I usually go through.

design process image

1. Discovery

I work with you to understand your industry, business, goals and competitors. We will also discuss the issues that face the current website and what the new website will be like.

2. Planning

We decide on the information archtecture of the site - how to intuitively and logically structure, categorize and display the content.

3. Wireframing

This stage involves creating very basic compositions of the key pages of the website. Its main purpose is to test different layout options and visual hierarchy in a way that can be rapidly changed or refined.

4. Design Comps

Taking the wireframes from the previous phase, design comps are created in Photoshop. These design comps now add colour, images and actual copy.

5. Coding

Static pages for each of the templates identified are created based on the design comps completed in the previous step. They are built according to web standards using clean and semantic markup.

6. CMS Integration

We then take the static pages and integrate them with the content management system (CMS) that will be used to power the website.