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The Book Blog – books from fine presses and other specialty publishers

April 4th, 2012 • Comments Off

A few weeks ago I launched a personal project – The Book Blog. I love reading and I love books, so it’s no surprise that I’ve developed a little hobby of collecting books from fine presses and other specialty publishers. My passion for books has led me to quite a few publishers who produce books that are works of art, and I have a high regard for the craftsmen who make this possible. So I’ve built the site with the following intentions:

1. To showcase well-designed, high-quality books with the hope that I’ll be raising the awareness of the fine art of book-making and leading people to discover and enjoy books and authors that they might have otherwise not been aware of.

2. Many publishers simply don’t have pictures, or sufficient pictures, of their books on their own sites, so when potential collectors want to know more about a book, they don’t have much more than the description to go by. I think if more people saw just how beautiful these books are, it can help with the purchase decision. So for every book I feature, I also take pictures in a studio with proper lighting.

There’s also a News section on the site that will serve up news from various fine press publishers.

So far I’ve covered the following books:

I have lots more that I’ll continue to shoot and review, so keep an eye out.

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